Since the birth of the label in 1997, FatCat has always had a solid engagement with material sent to us as demos. Where numerous labels will throw demos straight into the trash unopened, at FatCat we've always made an effort to listen and reply to every demo received. Numerous FatCat artists have been picked up having been discovered in this way (including Frightened Rabbit, The Twilight Sad, David Karsten Daniels, Welcome, Odonis Odonis, Get Back Guinozzi!, Silje Nes, Ensemble, Xinlisupreme, Songs Of Green Pheasant, Janek Schaefer - to name just a few), and it has always been really exciting to unexpectedly discover something great in this way. Just as when we started, this philosophy of keeping an ear to the ground and attempting to support good new creativity remains at the core of what we do. Read More


All demos received by FatCat are listened to and replied to. With the amount of demos we are currently receiving, we would prefer if you could send your best tracks rather than sending loads. If we like what we hear, then we will then get back to you and ask to hear more. Read More

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YEAR 2013

Looking back to when we featured Le Thug, a 3-piece ambient noise band from Glasgow and the Outer Hebrides. Tenerife was the opening track on their debut EP, ‘Ripping.’

The band are now approaching the release of their new 6 track EP, "Place is" with Song, by Toad Records in February this year.

“A gorgeous work of dreamy, shoegazey electronica”, the EP comes out on translucent white 12” vinyl on 16th February 2015.

Pre-order the EP here:

For more from the band visit...



Soundcloud: @lethug


Featured Artists

Sleep Cycles

Sleep Cycles is the work of Max, who grew up in Truro in Cornwall.

Recorded in his bedroom, he created an album of “fragile lo-fi pop” over the summer of 2014. Café Waltz has a dreamlike quality with sweet, ambient melodies that can be found t... Read More

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