Comprised of people totally fresh to music making as well as seasoned musicians from other acts (Caribou, etc) the music is an electronic yin/yang of beginner's mind exploration harnessed by experienced hands into an alluring and propulsive form, taking as their starting point mutual influence from Kosmiche synth, Creel Pone bootlegs and American Techno.

Their recordings and live show are done completely live using a unique collection of hardware only, a mess of wires, miniature synths and drum machines run through obsolete phaser pedals. Some songs are short analog immersions while others unfurl over peaks and valleys beyond the 10 minute mark but all are grounded in techno informed percussion, languid melodies and hand-made timbres. Music that is equally capable of soundtracking a late night drive, psychedelic gathering, or 5am at a techno club depending on how loud your soundsystem goes.