Dayflower is a Leicester-based shoegaze band. The formation of the group was accidental and gradual. It started in 2013, when four musical misfits with a shared love of obscure '90s shoegaze and lo-fi pop got chatting outside a music venue in Leicester. Soon after, they began meeting to trawl through the absurdities of Youtube's underbelly, discuss HBO programmes and occasionally record a song. Then another song. And more songs.

Despite none of them ever intentionally 'forming a band', Alex, David, Chris and Simon somehow found themselves making music together, and they haven't stopped yet.

Imagine Big Star's most ear-warming melodies, adorned with M83-esque synth hooks and steeped in layers of gauzy, blissful noise, recalling My Bloody Valentine.

All carefully pieced together on an obsolete version of Cubase, in the kind of bedroom where Enid Blyton is still visible on the shelves and a tumble dryer is used for a chair.

Lush, ambitious pop, dreamed in from an other time / place.