Electric Ills

Electric Ills is a Virginia based garagepunk duo comprised of vocalist/guitarist Zac... Bates and drummer Amy Cripps. Abandoning common song structures and rarely lasting over a minute, their songs are raw, raunchy, and never subtle, reminiscent of early punk.

Here's what Squealer Mag had to say about them:

"[Their] new EP Cultured - a pumping and dirty take on the post-hardcore of (e.g.) Fugazi and The Icarus Line combined with The Locust’s scathing aesthetics and song structuring and Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ hand-clap cool - clocks in at 4 minutes and 3 seconds in its entirety, a roaring riptide of a song collection that batters, bruises and bolts within usual radio allowances for
a single track.

This is part of what makes Electric Ills so thrilling: there is so much disregard for convention, so much raw energy thrown into a clashing barrage of distorted bass, break-neck drums and strangulated screeches, but the affront and confrontation is founded on a real gift for groove and riff."