Minor Sounds

’The Humming’ is the work of Croatian singer/songwriter Mirna Stanich and producer Martin Zietek. The Brighton-based duo consisting of Stanich and Mass Roman is sometimes compared to Cocteau Twins and Talk Talk of the late 80s. Minor Sounds is currently in the process of completing their first album, ‘Super Komputer’, recorded in a couple of Brighton living rooms, as well as in Zietek's home studio in Warsaw.

“The tracks were originally written and arranged mostly as folk songs, but the music has throughout the recording stages changed into a sound that crosses many genres. Drawing influences from American folk artists, electronic music, bluesy guitars and pop, the songs developed into a new sound. However, within the live set we include more electronics; echo coloured guitars and vocals float around vintage keyboard melodies and beats”. (Minor Sounds).

If you’d like to explore Minor Sounds, you can visit their Soundcloud - http://soundcloud.com/minorsounds