Range Rover

This track is from fresh-out-of-the-gates San Diego teens Range Rover, with their track "Mind". The track is heavenly and dense guitar pop, with a beat that thuds and clicks and a guitar line that Right Hear accurately called "easy to love". The band clearly welcome the intimacy of lo-fi techniques - they state that they use "any instruments and equipment we can get our hands on", 8-tracks and even iPod apps in their collage-like recording process - but the wash of fuzz is a far closer relative of My Bloody Valentine's enveloping atmosphere than a tinny garage band.

Range Rover can be found on Bandcamp, Twitter and right here on SoundCloud. All of us here at FatCat recommend keeping a very close eye on their output, because they have started on a quite stunningly accomplished note.

As always, we're always on the lookout for new material, so please continue to send demos to us - we listen to them all.