Salford Media City

This week’s demo comes from Salford Media City, which take their name from the mixed-use property development site on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal. David Jackson -who calls himself 'Decrepit Director General' of the Manchester-based band - explains:

Eschewing record deals, the total jive recruitment operation calling itself Salford Media City has merely limped around trying to take advantage of community and youth educational projects to only occasionally dazzling effect since their inception in approximately 2011. Wielding the usual guitars, drum kit, keyboards, and even saxophones, djembes and radios, a variety of hacks have been carefully selected by the self appointed Decrepit Director General, David Jackson who, quite rightly, regards himself as very much the band's driving force in the creative, and, indeed, every other sense. Often misunderstood, the band has a more thoughtful side than some of their mythical raucous live performances would suggest and, of course, vice versa.

The track Neuro Linguistic Programming was recorded at Futureworks in Manchester as an undergraduate recording project. It reflects a certain jaded ambivalence to power itself and the eponymous, powerful psychological techniques of Richard Bandler simultaneously. It smashes its own polished form, and raises the three resulting, dazzling shards into a jagged arch of triumph.