Thunder Tracks

Thunder Tracks is the moniker of 25 year-old Oklahoma native Jake Scott, who names the likes of Devendra Banhart, Neil Young and Vashti Bunyan as inspirations. Recurring themes throughout his bedroom-recorded songs include: “Ghosts, light, a glow, colour, wildlife, and personification...”

Here is the story behind Graffitti in Jake's own words:

"Graffiti is a song about me haunting my girl, except that it's not creepy and sad but beautiful and weird. It's about how things wouldn't change much if were a ghost. I would still mess with her, go on adventures, and get into a little trouble. In the second half I sing her side of the story. She knows I'm still around, getting into shenanigans, and in the end we let each other know that we are still with each other."