An all original selection of predominantly electronic music chosen from submissions to our Demo site since its launch…

Electronic music DJ and producer Villette has picked some of the most inspiring sounds from our Soundcloud page to craft a mix. Electric Dreams represents what we think to be some of the finest tracks sent our way: tracks that could sit comfortably in the catalogue of FatCat releases and reveal our soft spot for edgy, dark, high-end electronica. A mixture of the beautiful and the ferocious, the tranquil and the chaotic, these tracks were chosen not only for their high production value but for their power to evoke such a breadth of emotion.

This mix is just another way of saying how we truly appreciate the music that you take the time to send us and we listen to every CD, MP3, tape and record that comes in. So please enjoy this selection and check out what our Demo Site and Soundcloud page have to offer.

1. Ambassadeurs – Hot Foot

2. Mokroïé – Introducing the Trial

3. The Twittering Machine – One Point

4. Future Image – Frnak

5. Experiments with Machines – Owls

6. Niebroj – Memory Lapse

7. Jub Noise – Untitled 2

8. Nautilis – Jaaa

9. Vapulagia – Dusk Like Peak Red

10. Oakum – Frogchild

11. Monoiz – Ultra Low Noiz

12. Fuzzy Lights – Blackout

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