Yucky Slime

When this turned up in our Soundcloud demo inbox we knew we wanted to share it with as many people as possible. Yucky Slime are from London and play some wonderful no-nonsense lofi punk.

Heres what they had to say about themselves.

"Yucky Slime play fast punx music about friendship and genderfucking. Slime rock shows have been meticulously focus-grouped by the Slime Corporation in order to facilitate the slamming of both male and female bodies against one another in a manner that enthuses and entertains weirdoes from all walks of life. Scientifically proven to combat the will to “grow up” and provides unbeatable protection against “norms” and other drags. Yucky Slime got together to play music for their friends who feel unable to slam at shows without some white knight getting overly protective and ruining their fun and to make trendy people question why they aren’t having any fun as they clutch their beers and nod. I could go on but it’s dumb."

Find out more about Yucky Slime here:

Twitter: @yuckyslimeee